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Your website could be a work of art, but if the public cannot find it, it will not be worth anything in today’s market. Many professional SEO companies charge outrageous fees to prepare and optimize your website for the search engines. Much of this work needs to be done. If websites are not built right the first time you are paying the price and do not even know it. It is very important that your site comes up in the search engines for your domain name and strong key words. There is no reason you should spend thousands of dollars to achieve this, the average SEO service will charge $3000.00 to $10,000.00. If a web site is built right it will not require this type of service. Here at TEAM 357 we have many years combined experience that insures that the job will be done right the first time. We keep up with all the current search engine trends so you don't have to.
We can fix your site if there is a problem let our experts take a look.

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With a great website and top class SEO T&S Auction Service is now getting exposure across the nation growing their business into one of the largest in Arkansas.
T&S Auction Service went from a small auction company in the corner of Northeast Arkansas to one of the largest in the state of Arkansas. Now conducting state auctions worth millions and drawing in customers across the United States. The T&S website presented some challenges many had never seen in the SEO industry before. With help from other experts in this field we figured out the problems that were punishing auction sites in their rankings. T&S now enjoys dozens of first place page rankings on Google driving their business success.

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